Tips to Mix Match Outfit

First impressions are very important. Personal style and the way a man behaves set the tone and manage to open or close many doors.

There are some details that at first sight can give certain clues about a man: his clothes, his haircut, his shoes and his watch.

A man’s watch says a lot about his lifestyle and his tastes. However, it is important to know how to combine the watch with the suit for each occasion.

Most people might think it depends solely on the leash, but there are other details to consider.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the watch should be an extension of your suit; the idea is to complement the protagonist subtly.

Traditionally men do not carry many accessories, so the watch is an opportunity to convey not only the time, but the personal style and even a little of our history.

The authentic elegance is based on dress according to every occasion and place.

The first step is to select a journal clock, this should be simple and elegant, preferably with a black or brown strap with simple finishes, which can work and complement your outfits without being ostentatious. Whether in stainless steel, silver or white gold, you must have a thin band of high quality leather. The cover should be white, cream, gray or even black backgrounds.

When viewed blazers or more casual formats of a suit, it is possible to combine it with watches in black or navy blue, with metal straps, titanium or dark materials. Casual or sports watches are usually coarser and flashier, with details and designs that are appropriate for more relaxed environments and styles.

Maintain classic watches for special occasions and etiquette, usually for evening events. The idea is to coordinate the colors and materials of the watch with the rest of your accessories like for example the cufflinks.

If you are wearing a suit with shoes and black belt, a watch with brown strap might be out of place.

Avoid at all costs a smartwatch, the watches that make the cell phone function are informal and should be used for the sport. Do not let practicality opaque your style.

It is normal that you have a favorite watch, however, every watch that is part of your collection is a watch that you selected and you like; try to rotate them and coordinate with your costume in such a way that it is an accessory that perfects and makes a distinction of your style.

When you’re looking for the best outdoor watches, you should look closely at a few of the key features and understand the benefits these features deliver. In addition to being able to tell the time, they typically come with an ultra-rugged design, a date tracker, moon-phase indicator, waterproofing, and a host of other goodies.