All About Cosplay Dress

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hits theaters since it is launched on May 5th, the coolest hero again presents on the screen- undoubtedly Star-Lord, who happens to be a cross between the swagger of Han Solo, the dance moves of Michael Jackson and the badass skills of Indiana Jones. As far as heroes go, his signature look also happens to be quite easy to replicate. Sort of. And with various events coming up that the cosplay community is dying to take part in, you can bet that everybody wants to be a Star-Lord this year.

So how to dress like Star-Lord and look like Star-Lord himself, Imagine joining intergalactic battles as Star-Lord etc. Below is the guide for making your Star-Lord costume.

The shiny red color of the jacket looks attractive and catchy to the eyes. To give you the perfect outlook of the character.

Built-in Led lenses with transparent glasses, shining and cool. Designed to look like Star-Lord himself.

The classy and stylish style belt, made from PU leather, very comfortable to wear.

Make your personality shine with the Ultra-modern Star-Lord boots.

In the film, Peter Quill has three distinct looks. The first one is his trench-coat outfit from the beginning of the film.

Later on, he puts on a shorter jacket.And then lastly, he ties it all up with a Ravager uniform. Each jacket has a distinctive look, filled with small details and markings, as well as general wear and tear, although the trench and second act jackets have a similar base design.The outfit of Peter Quill was an instant hit as soon as the movie was in the theaters. The cosplayers and the fans of Peter Quill admired his costume.

The pants, however, are a monster in the design and details department. They’ve got waxed cotton and canvas interior panels, corduroy panels and non-functional zippers. There also controls for foot-rockets mounted on the outside of the knee, leather padding on the hips and slots to place holsters for the quad blasters. In other words, these pants are an absolute beast of custom design and sewing.

What Quill is wearing, are a pair of Sketchers Diameter shoes, with custom leather spats added on top of them. Basic spats aren’t too hard to find, and you can hit an equestrian shop to stock up, The shoes might be harder to find, but you can use the Sketchers brand as a template to find something else that resembles it roughly.

Right, that’s the clothing sorted. let’s get down to props.

The most iconic part of the gear is his space helmet, which is very cool and shinning.

Besides, the belt is also a must-have accessory to have in your attire. Your outfit can’t be complete without the classy and stylish style belt and ultra-modern boots. The last bit of the kit is the earphone, is the walkman that contains the Awesome Mix.

This guide is for all the fans of Star-Lord looking to portray their favorite character in special costume events and conventions. Give yourself a fashionable and modern look. The costumes and some props are available on our site at a reasonable price. Following is the link for Star-Lord of Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2.