Get The Perfect Boots For You

Every woman loves beauty, on her skin and even on her dressing; however, every woman can agree that a nice pair of shoes speaks volumes. There are many shoe designs, but boots are the ultimate gem in the shoe design, and not just boots, but the knee-high type. This is designed for every lady who wants to feel a little sexier and still keeps their legs warm. The knee high boots and the thigh high boots both extend above the knee and therefore leave just a bit of skin above the knee making them all kinky and alluring.

History of boots

Boots were invented in the ancient times, during the era of horse riding. They were considered an excellent footwear for the many men who rode horse backs and required a shoe that would fit and protect their feet. The trend was embraced to the times of the seamen and others like soldiers, and all these people preferred boots because of their comfortable nature and how they kept them warm during cold seasons.

Later on, boots were embraced as a universal footwear by many including women, and up to date, many women are wearing boots and the knee high and thigh boots are generally a woman’s shoe. There even came a time when boots were used for fetishism purposes, and there came the need to have a thigh-high bedroom boots.

Category of Boots

Boots in general fall under various groups depending on designs, make and occasions that they are worn. However, every woman has that pair that is an all-time wear, making boots the best shoe for any woman.

Besides the color and the texture of boots, women preferences are guided by things such as the heel size and the sort of laces or zipper on the boots. This, therefore, means that there many categories all based on the different aspects.

General Tips on Keeping Your Boots Looking Great

· The first tip is to understand the material used to make the boots and how it is cleaned. Use the appropriate cleaning detergents and keep them dry.

· Keep them on the shoe rack and stuff them to keep them in shape and avoid folding.

· Avoid wearing them during severe weather conditions that might damage them, for example, leather boots are best for winter conditions but too much water may destroy them.


Boots are a great piece of shoe that every lady should try especially if they want to stand out from the rest. Buying the right size and the most appropriate design that will be comfortable for you when walking around in them.