How To Boost Confidence For Women

Women since time immemorial have taken over the professional front and are excelling in every field one can think of. Their professional attire too has seen many changes over the past years, more so now that globalization has hit everyone in full force. While a traditional Indian woman, who is a professional too, can be found donning the ever-elegant saree, the Indian work scenario has taken a whole new dimension with international brands opening their outlets in India. And of course the ease to buy formal wear for women online makes it all the more possible.

When it comes to clothes, the modern Indian woman leaves no stone unturned in having a wardrobe full of crisp formal wear such as pants, skirts, jackets, etc., and at the same time keeps elegant Indian wear that can be worn at work.
So, what makes up for a powerful wardrobe for the empowering women of today? Let’s explore here.

The formal outfit that you pick should be free of frills. They should have straight cuts and minimal designs to avoid distraction.

Multiple layers of clothing are for casual settings. Be it a western outfit like a pant suit or skirt and blouse, or Indian wear such as a salwar-kameez, make sure that you keep it simple without adding the layers.

Keep light colored shirts and blouses that work best with dark colored suits and suit your skin tone as well. Coupled with high heels or pumps and minimal jewelry, light colors for top-wear will never let you down.

Well-fitted trousers and knee-length A-line skirts are considered formal wear for women. Any shorter than that, and your office must be casual enough to allow it.

Never go for ill-fitting clothes. They not only make you look larger, but takes away the ‘business look’ from your charming personality.

Dresses are the most comfortable form of clothing for many. But it is important to know the difference between formal dresses and casual ones. Your dress must end near the knee and should fit you well. For best results, pair it with a complementary jacket or blazer, pumps, and a well-defined hand bag.

Avoid bright colors and prints, be it in dresses, shirts, blouses, sarees or Indian suits. A touch of flamingo pink with gray may be enough to uplift your outfit, but avoid wearing the whole attire in a bright pink.

For those who like wearing sarees and salwar-suits to the office, go for color-blocking or something in solids with just a hint of metallic or bright colors.

Too much jewelry is a strict no-no for office wear. Studs, a chain with a small pendant, a ring or two, a bracelet, and a wrist watch for women from a reputed brand. This is all you need with your formal wear.

Subtle formal wear with well-defined lines and crispness is what will set you apart from the crowd. Overdo it and you would end up losing the power formal clothing brings with it.

Winter Boots For Men

Apparently, boots are common items for women in winter. But they are taking up a great part of the men’s fashion too. How to style the men’s winter boots? Since Dr.Martens invented his fashionable and comfortable boots, the world of men’s casual boots has been changed totally. As time went by, great designers keep exploring the creative field for most popular men’s winter boots, which could be shown by many series launched by the famous brands. So it is quite fair to say that nowadays men would put as much thinking as women in their boots. Many men will carefully decide the stylish men’s ankle boots and best snow boots for men by themselves, and the most trending ways to wear them. That is the motivation and inspiration for this article.

One of the fashionable and eye-catching ways is to wear a pair of tight pants and tuck the legs of the pants into the men’s casual leather boots. This way is a very cool style for men’s casual boots to wear with jeans. And you can get the hint from all kinds of fashion weeks, almost every brand adopt it as a mode to display their best men’s winter boots 2017. No matter you are picking the Italian style boots, vintage dress boots or the cool lace-up boots, you can lead the fashion with this different and smart idea easily

If your legs are not quite slender, another nice way is to wear a pair of loose pants and cover your black leather men’s ankle boots to style this kind of footwear. You can show part of the vamp laces of the boots, which is very stylish and decent. This modest way to wear your stylish men’s winter boots might create a gentleman feel, not just casual.

Or you can roll up the legs of your pants to lead the men’s winter boots fashion. High boots are not only for tall men. This wearing way can elongate your legs visually and show that you are really a fashionable man who is seeking for latest trend with its cool flavor. Choose the best men’s ankle boots for this look, then you will look like a super cool guy that advocates street style.

When you are a guy that stands for college style, you can choose a pair of British style men’s casual boots. When this kind of concise but fashionable men’s ankle boots meets a pair of casual pants, the elegant personality could be emphasized totally. You will leave others a gentleman feel that highlights your temperament.

Trendy Coat For Women

The trench coat was created as an updated wear for French and British soldiers in World War I. This kind of coat became so popular around the world within a short time. Weather for men or women, soldier or not, it is namely a must-have outfit for modern wardrobes. Whether worn over a gown, draped over the shoulders, or worn on its own as a dress, women’s trench coats enable ladies to have their own styles. This article is aimed to be your inspiration to pair with it.

1. You can wear it as a casual outfit.

Put on your plus size women’s trench coat as a casual daily wear in fall and winter, which makes you warm and fashionable. It is a popular movement that the celebrities will do at the airport time to time. Whatever you are wearing as a bottom, it will make your look a little bit better usually. A brown or black one that hits mid-thigh often create the most casual effect. A hooded one even looks more casual.

2. You can wrap a long one over another jacket.

Fall and winter are perfect seasons to wear women’s long trench coats for sure. If you worry that the winter might be too chilly that not warm enough, you don’t have to wear it on its own. Wearing it over another jacket like a bomber jacket, a cropped fur, or even a denim jacket, then you will feel warm enough then. Put on the long coat outside the inner coat, or the fashion flavor will fade away and just left looking bloated.

3. You can drape it over the shoulder.

It is so creative to wear the long coat as a cape by draping them over our shoulders. Fashion leaders just can’t get enough of this way on the Fashion Week street style shows. A high-quality trench coat of trending design seems to be made for it.

4. The long one can be worn as a dress too.

Wearing a long trench coat as a dress creates a high-end feel, which is super sexy option for ladies. Picking a plus size one with soft fabric that fit your figure well. You will be so eye-catching on the street, just like a celebrity from the magazines.

5. You can add some cool flavor to the evening look with it.

Pairing a trench coat with a luxuriant evening dress and outfit is classic since a long time ago. This stylish women’s wear can act as a sexy evening skirt or a gown in the feasts, business gatherings or parties. The cool trench coat is going to make your look fancier, a red one is a very first ideal and easy piece.

Tips to Mix Match Outfit

First impressions are very important. Personal style and the way a man behaves set the tone and manage to open or close many doors.

There are some details that at first sight can give certain clues about a man: his clothes, his haircut, his shoes and his watch.

A man’s watch says a lot about his lifestyle and his tastes. However, it is important to know how to combine the watch with the suit for each occasion.

Most people might think it depends solely on the leash, but there are other details to consider.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the watch should be an extension of your suit; the idea is to complement the protagonist subtly.

Traditionally men do not carry many accessories, so the watch is an opportunity to convey not only the time, but the personal style and even a little of our history.

The authentic elegance is based on dress according to every occasion and place.

The first step is to select a journal clock, this should be simple and elegant, preferably with a black or brown strap with simple finishes, which can work and complement your outfits without being ostentatious. Whether in stainless steel, silver or white gold, you must have a thin band of high quality leather. The cover should be white, cream, gray or even black backgrounds.

When viewed blazers or more casual formats of a suit, it is possible to combine it with watches in black or navy blue, with metal straps, titanium or dark materials. Casual or sports watches are usually coarser and flashier, with details and designs that are appropriate for more relaxed environments and styles.

Maintain classic watches for special occasions and etiquette, usually for evening events. The idea is to coordinate the colors and materials of the watch with the rest of your accessories like for example the cufflinks.

If you are wearing a suit with shoes and black belt, a watch with brown strap might be out of place.

Avoid at all costs a smartwatch, the watches that make the cell phone function are informal and should be used for the sport. Do not let practicality opaque your style.

It is normal that you have a favorite watch, however, every watch that is part of your collection is a watch that you selected and you like; try to rotate them and coordinate with your costume in such a way that it is an accessory that perfects and makes a distinction of your style.

When you’re looking for the best outdoor watches, you should look closely at a few of the key features and understand the benefits these features deliver. In addition to being able to tell the time, they typically come with an ultra-rugged design, a date tracker, moon-phase indicator, waterproofing, and a host of other goodies.